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Speechless? Say it with music

Music goes where words cannot

Music connects directly with our emotions: it can intensify our joy, make our hearts beat faster, lighten our step or relax us after a long day at work.

With my help, you can convey feelings and ideas through music written just for you. I’ll take care of the technical side so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Your history in a personalised song

Many people seek out songs they identify with. Finding a song that describes our situation feels fantastic, but there are always a few details that don’t quite fit or are overgeneralisations.

Now you can capture everything you’re feeling in one song: your history, special milestones, stories and personality traits. I’m sure it will become your favourite song and a gift you’ll never forget.


Need an extraordinary gift?


Original music for films and documentaries

Imagine the scene: you turn on the telly and see a young man walking through the forest eating a sandwich. There’s no dialogue, you’ve only seen thirty seconds of the film, but you know that this barefoot, muddy man is a hero.

For years you’ve been unconsciously stockpiling processes, melodies and harmonies used in the music of films, which have taken on a specific meaning. Knowing these meanings and using them correctly is essential to any audiovisual project.


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